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Poster: Dan L. Date: Jan 16, 2009 7:11pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

It's not the accuracy - it's the mind control and social engineering - a society that was preaching glorious conformity in the 1950s that is the historical point. I mean really, a film on how to have dinner with your family - how whacked is that? Think about how people were raised then...and how dysfunctional it all was. Child beatings and wife abuse were common, apparently 1/3rd of married men used prostitutes, the church..., fear of nuclear destruction and the cold war, overt racism, etc...

And people talk about the 50s like it was a great time and everything was so great. I can't imagine that...

But what do I know anyway? really....

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Poster: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid Date: Jan 17, 2009 10:44am
Forum: movies Subject: At least the 1950's wasn't as bad as the 1980's

Really? My parents don't remember being abused by THEIR parents. Plus my grandma says she and everyone else she knew didn't give a damn about the cold war. Come to think about it, everybody I've interviewed from the time says they didn't take these "Coronet" and such films very seriously back then either. Everybody talks about the 1980's being a "great" time but my grandma says it was pathetic when compared to the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1990's. Then again, I've yet to meet anyone who enjoyed that turd of a decade. My grandma hated the 80's, my parents hated the 80's, my uncle hated the 80's, they enjoyed many decades but frankly they hated the 80's!

Then again, any decade which gives us garbage like Madonna cannot really be taken seriously.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 17, 2009 12:25pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: At least the 1950's wasn't as bad as the 1980's

HOLY SHIT! You suddenly and dramatically snapped from interesting but useless weirdness to startlingly blatant reality.

Great points and much shorder than the collosus I constructed in the other post.

Yeah, I don't understand my better half's obsession with that lame decade, the only good part of it was 1989, because it was over. Cocaine and digital FM synthesis... ouch... ever look at classic cars on the road? If you see a car from the 1980's still running take a picture, it will be worth something, crap all around. IBM had no clue what they were doing and apple was more popular, you know something is wrong right there.

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Poster: dedmon Date: Jan 17, 2009 3:15pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

it was great anyways. atleast granny McGillagain thought it was. she used to say to me :"your young white and free", i guess that meant something to the people back then.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 17, 2009 9:54pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

Holy shit, found your password?!

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Poster: Dan L. Date: Jan 22, 2009 1:40pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

I hadn't checked my post for a while - wow, quite the debate...

That's what IA is great at, and why I think this movie is so great - it makes you wonder and think about that era.

After speaking to many older people about their upbringing (which I do in my day job, by night I put on a cape and stop crime with my superpowers given to me by a nuclear accident - just checking to see if you;re listening), I really think it was fairly dysfuctional and scarred SOME (not all); understanding of psychiatry and child development was new (It certainly wasn;t Leave it to Beaver), people lived in fear of Polio, nukes (see Duck and Cover!), gay people lived lives hidden and were beaten if discovered, suspected commies were rounded up and called out (McCarthyism)

Now I know we can't judge all in that era by the actions of some, nor can we judge it by today's standards - but I think that all is not as it seemed and the 50s were probably over glorified.

It was a simpler time - but as others have said, it was a great generation if you were white and in that glorious majority.

So once again I must disagree - this film is NOT historically worthless. Just look at all the discussion it's stimulated!

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 22, 2009 2:32pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

Discussion is not welcomed by all. Some people want to forget and pretend or condemn and harp. We should ideally find a middle ground. Yes there was bad stuff in the 1950's and the music was god awful, no offense to the religious, but look at the state of the nation as a whole compared to today. Throw out the bathwater not the baby. Tale the good and learn from the bad.

The laws that were passed to protect the workers, women, minorities and others have addressed those ills. Decontructiing whiteness, demoralizing the youth and descecrating the family don't do any good for sure. Two wrongs still don't make a right. Love thine enemy doesn't mean let them slit your throat.

I lived in the north so we were a bit ahead of the curve on water fountains and stuff. I believe the concessions of jackson that stopped reconstruction set us back 100 years but that was 100 years ago so we should be caught up no? I mean we elected a black (well half anyway) president who ran against a female vice president. You'd think we'd get some credit. But instead we have prayers exalting some races and asking others to do what is right. That's not right.

The simple fact he even got nominated should have vindicated us and proven we have moved beyond race. It's not that simple though, some people still profit from the existence of racism and green trumps all colors. Once we put the race baiters out of busines we can all evolve. Just work hard and stop trying to take my guns, I might need them someday.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 17, 2009 10:50am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

Uhhh, unless I am mistaken and revisionists have succeeded in changing reality I am pretty sure that shit didn't hit the fan until the effects of the counter culture movement trickled into modern society. Aside from the bigotry (natural human tribal survival instinct) and the chauvanisism (hunter/gatherer genetic dynamic) things were a hell of lot better for the average person I am sure... and if you look at demographic statistics that statement is technically correct. 90% of people were better off, period.

Check the crime rates, illegitimate birthrate, abortion rate, drug addiction rate, STD's, mental illness, etc. It is clear the social de-engineering of the 60's crippled us beyond repair. All the laws that were passed for equality did not stop the race hustlers and organized crime filled labor unions from pushing their agenda. All the parties opposed to the normal order had not pony in the race so the future did not matter, for instance let's look at the following movements and see why certain extremist groups do what they do:

Gay rights agenda- until recently they were not having kids and most will not. Without a genetic investment in the future, their hedonistic aim for immediate self satisfaction at their risk of their own lives is self evident. If I was gay I would still use a rubber, that's common sense. What is the deal with rubberphobics? I thought they liked latex? If we were all gay the human race would have died out before it got started. To each their own, just keep it in your pants and stop pushing it out on main street, no one of any ethical standards, gay or straight wants to see me marching down the street in assless chaps on a giant vagina float yelling about boobs and shit. Why should I want to see public sex and ridicules costumes, yes they are ridicules, even ask the average gay person. I worked with a gay guy and he used to shake his head and say, "what a screaming queen idiot" when he saw all that flamboyand "look at me" shit. Go suck a nice veiny shaft if you want, I don't need to know about it and don't really care. Some people fuck shoes and shit, you don't see them strutting down main street about it. Anyway, pushing a behavior inverse to procreation lowers the birthrate.

Feminism- which until watching politics unfold meant the equality of women. All for it. Shit, I think they are better at stuff then men. If they are pro-life they are insulted (with sexist comments ironically) and made fun of. How equal and fair is that? Women are anatomically perfect for giving birth or we would do it. That is why they work less and make less. They have kids. Daddy doesn't take off work to raise the kid. Nobody get's this? Blame the cavemen for the whole hunter gatherer thing. If a woman wants to work, guess what? SHE CAN! Yes there are assholes, yes there is sexism, call a lawyer- laws are there for you. Again, end result in career and abortions, lower birth rate. Starting to see a pattern?

Civil rights- Affirmative action is racism, I never did anything to anyone and my food stamp, welfare childhood was not priviledged in any way that I know of. Hiring someone for any reason other than their abilities is about the most evil thing that can be done. We have a black president and Al Sharpton somehow is still employed. He is only half black and his irresponsible parents dropped him off to his white grandparents much like me, but the white side we'll ignore for all intents and purposes, it's so vanilla and boring. Anyway, the democrats steal the black vote with bribery, yes look it up there were several black republican congressman and MLK and his father were republicans. Welfare actually pays more for each illigitimate black baby, again rubbers anyone? As inverse to the others this increases birthrate, but only the birthrate of potential votes for the cause... the pattern is becoming clearer, no?

So just those 3 groups of "proggressive" thought seem to have an end result of less middle class white voters. Now the connection with the palestinian sympathizers, socialists and anarchists is clear. Without a large voting block of evil working family orientated nonviolent middle class whites, they can ride the coattails of the other diametrically opposed groups to advance their own agendas.

Think about it, who voted for prop 8 in massive numbers? Black baptist voters, which churches get attacked? Hmmm. Hispanic catholics are pro-life, but let's make immigration control a boogeyman and steal their vote too.

It's all a sham, the democratic former klansman anti isreali jewish liberal brainwashing machine versus the holy rolling, plaid pant wearing country club asshole republicans who have us divided into nice little semiautonomous competing groups with the middle class white population wearing a bullseye for all. I hope the hispanics are ready to be the target when they become the majority and realize they been had as well. I can't wait to be a minority, maybe instead of studnent loans and maxed out credit cards my grandkids can get free grants and shit to get through school.... and they are going and they will be getting straight A's and graduating with honors so they can compete in an unfair world because I doubt the new majority will be as kind as the last one.

I hate the 1950's myself because they were artistically stifled and technologically boring but I wish I had had a father at my dinner table and structure and discipline. I could have bypassed thousands of dollars of therapy, fines and property damage if I had someone telling me how to be successful. I wouldn't change a thing because I learned it myself but I read a few obituaries a year and correspond with people in prison who SURPRIZE came from broken homes, suffered abuse and were let to run wild on the streets instead of finishing high school and going to college and starting a family (I know all evil shit).

Most people that bad mouth moral and stable times like that are disgruntled trust funders who had 2 parents and were given opportunities but chose to be free spirit idiots with a parachute and a cushion under them if they fell. Try bailing your parental unit out of jail or giving your parents a free place to crash 20 years later some time.

Imagine having someone to lend you money when you needed it? Someone to pay for your school? Help you with homework? Maybe I could have met my potential 20 years ago instead of still struggling to catch up with the assholes with the college license tags and the bmw's who's IQ's are 30 points lower than mine, that's fair...

At risk of being called a hater like bill cosby I will boldly go out on a limb and say having dinner with your family at the dining room table with the TV off is benefitial. It builds structure and purpose and creates bonding that can't hurt.

I tell the kid, you can do whatever the hell you want when you turn 18, you can be a gangbanger or a mass murderer or hiv positive IV drug user if you choose but until then, health, respect and positivity will be the way here and you will find the urge to murder and rape will subside by then.

And it doesn't matter what era you live in, if someone is beating you, you call the cops. If the cops don't do anything, you wait till they fall asleep and kill them. It has nothing to do with good habits.

Shit, I never had to clean my room once and now I look at a sink full of dishes like toilet paper with thumbtacks in it. I have to fight my very inner being to put laundry away because I grew up thinking it was a waste of time. I spent countless hours fighting the very system I could have exploited to make my life so much more easy and rewarding.

I never had to sneak out the window, kids were sneaking in my window because I was allowed to smoke and drink and drop acid and whatever I wanted because some counter culture visionary got knocked up by another runaway teen under a life boat because buying a rubber was inconveniant. There was no planning, no preperation. Today, the moral fabric has desintegrated along with the bad stuff. Uneducated and irresponsible people are having babies because they got pregnant, not because they want to start a family. Funny, I never got anyone pregnant accidentally, spent $0 on abortions, used rubbers, hmmmmm. Maybe there is a pattern there?

Here are statistics about the 1950's if you have any doubts...

Homicide Rate (per 100,000), 1950–2007

1950 4.6
2007 5.9


This does not reflect the spike that occured during the 60's (condindentally?) through the 1990's.

This graph shows a rise about from about the time of JFK, a small dip during the evil reagan years, a bit of a rise for the 1990's and a fall before levelling out. Maybe a connection to which party was in power can be inferred but that would be biased...

Birth rates of native born americans of all races are in decline:

Immigrant birthrates on the other hand are much higher. We used to require that someone coming here had certain skill sets needed to enhance or maintain our standard of living, but again that's racist to think college students (of any race) from the UK would be more beneficial than a migrant worker from Mexico. So we are turning a highly productive society of specialized labor into a polarized society of unskilled labor with segregated enclaves of professionals and skilled laborors in the name of political correctness? How will that be of any benefit to the offspring of those very imigrants?

We already lost our manufacturing industries due to environmentalist and labor unions (these patterns seem unavoidable at this point) and are allowing the rest of the world to take our place in space technology, computer science, etc. At least we still have a strangle hold on entertainment with hollywood... until balliwood takes that, well they can have that one actually.

So the catch phrase of assholes like hannity (wealth re-distribution) are happening, but it's not an intranational one as much as it is a international one. We, in our great fairness and wish to be inclusive, are not only giving our wealth to foreign powers overseas but inviting them here to divy up what's left as well. One only needs to study the history of rome or greece to see what happens next. Democracy is funny that way I guess.

So sip your late's and take your extasy and plug in your vibrating buttplugs and have a good time while the have nots salivate at the thought of inheriting the fruits of your labor, or your trust fund in a lot of cases, and just let progress happen. I am sure the migrant tomato pickers and MS-13 gangbangers will keep the space program going long enough to get off this wretched rock in time to keep the human race alive. I am sure the jihadists will make sure we cure the next epidemic disease and fight for social justice and liberty for all. I am sure the chinese will be ethical with their military in our absence. I am sure all the inventions and improvments in technology will continue when no one gives a shit about tommorrow and just wants to tune in , turn on and whack off.

I thought the cessesionist cult folks were paranoid wackos up until I just reread this post... starting to wonder myself. If you don't feel a bad vibe from what is happening you have lost the connection to the earth and the universe. There's a storm coming... and hopefully another ice age.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous
to our liberties than standing armies. If the American
people ever allow private banks to control the issue of
their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation,
the banks and corporations that will grow up around the
banks will deprive the people of all property until their
children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers

Thomas Jefferson... yeah I know racist slave owner...bla bla bla

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Poster: jonc Date: Jan 17, 2009 7:51pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

Yes, the 50s were peaceful(?) and prosperous times if you were white, male, Judeo-Christian and intensely loyal. Do the math, that isn't 90%. The imbalance of that period is precisely what led to the progressive movement of the 60s and 70s that you so loathe. Films like "A Date With Your Family", aimed at school children, sought to develop a new generation of blindly conformist and obedient pawns. Ironically, that generation revolted against everything the 50s stood for. And we're better for this.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 17, 2009 8:03pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

After world war two we were 90% white that was my point. I am a product of the mistakes of the 1960's and early 1970's. And there is nothing wrong with being a white male, despite what you've been programmed into believing, many more white males fought for civil rights than against I am sure.

As I stated, the racism and sexism were bad. The laws that were passed protect citizens from them today. Time to move on. Look at the presidential race for christ's sake take out the two old white guys and you had a female and a minority running, yeah it took a while but you need to be at least 35 so do the math. Wasn't Obama born in 1962? We seem to be advancing on schedule with race relations.

As I stated crime dropped since the 1980's and times are better but as you may have noiced we are going down the tubes again in many ways. People pick the side of Hamas over Israel, terrorists rights over citizen's rights, etc. It's illogical and unealthy.

The government is corrupt and inept regardless of who is in charge. We are not being efficient by trying to be fair for fairness's sake. We are cowing down to people who want to kill us for fear of offending them. It's absurd. Religion is the last roadblock to survival with all these extremists and their virgins and rules, you can have it.

I think you would agree with me more than you would disagree if you think about it. Maybe Biff from back to the future turned you off but as "Kabo-Sancho Must Die" would say, Peggy Sue definitely got married.

Manson famliy and promiscuous sex with strangers was good though...

Kill Whitey... stay tuned for a song about all this, coincidence?